"Pinch me... I must be dreaming"

From the time Sharla was a young girl, she had a love for good design, a feeling of satisfaction when a look came together.  But she relegated her gift to a hobby, and busied herself raising a family and enjoying a different, though successful, career.  Yet her creative side kept calling.  From restoring, refinishing and decorating her own home, to helping friends spruce up their living spaces in her free time, Sharla continued to dream of the possibility of channeling her passion for design into a store.  The dream grew, fueled by faith (Matthew 17:20) and visits to wine country, where mustard grew wild through the vineyards.  Then came that now or never moment... and Mustard Seed was born.

In the heart of downtown Casper, in the historic Hotel Virginia, a building that saw turns as a coffee shop, a municipal building, (and, well, possibly a brothel), Sharla breathed new life into an old space to create more than a store. Mustard Seed is an experience, an aesthetic wonderland of texture, color, shimmer and scent.  Step inside...

Sharla is a longtime friend whose dream of opening Mustard Seed is a testament to her creative heart, daily on display within the walls of her unique shop!  Sharla has a way of making all her customers feel very comfortable as she shares her gracious style.  Mustard Seed is always the best place for me to uncover unique gifts or special decor for my home!      - Linda H